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What ARE Muscadine Grapes ?

What are Muscadine Grapes ?

The muscadine is a simple fruit grown in North Carolina....locals call it the 'scuppernong'. The muscadine is different from other grapes in that it has a thick skin and is seedy, which is a great thing as the health benefits are in the seeds and skin of what many people are referring to as the 'miracle grape'. 
what are muscadine grapes

Within recent years scientific studies have discovered that the unique combination of over 100 powerful phenolic compounds found naturally in Muscadine grapes, such as RESVERATROL, ELLAGIC ACID, QUERCETIN AND OPCs (oligomeric proanthocyanidins), contain powerful antioxidants that will give our bodies what it needs to fight diseases caused by free radical damage.
"Just think, if you could take just ONE supplement that gives you over 100 antioxidants to protect your body. That supplement is muscadine grape seeds" 

If You Have Pain of Any Sort - the Muscadine Grape seed is one of the best anti-inflammatory supplements on the market. - L.Walker

Not only are there scientific studies to PROVE that the muscadine grape will inhibit the growth of cancer by up to 92% ( in vitro cancer studies showed significant inhibition of growth in human brain, breast, colon, lung, prostate, skin and leukemia cells - some as much as 92%!!   Studies were conducted at a top medical research university.   Read this article on the research done at Wake Forest University on the Muscadine Grape seed and it's effects on cancer cells. Amazing, amazing study)  but it also has these properties:

  • 100% Natural
  • Boosts Cardiovascular Strength
  • Over 100 Anti-Oxidants
  • Anti-Inflamatory
  • Anti-Viral
  • Anti-Fungal
  • Promotes Joint Health
  • Revitalizes Energy Levels
  • Helps the body stabilize blood sugar levels

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Disclaimer: Consult your health care professional about any serious disease or injury. Do not attempt to self-diagnose or prescribe any natural substance as a substitute for professional medical assistance. The information here is provided for better understanding of holistic health. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Natural Remedies for Autoimmune Issues?

Are There Natural Remedies for Autoimmune Issues ?

natural remedies for autoimmune

Disclaimer: Consult your health care professional about any serious disease or injury. Do not attempt to self-diagnose or prescribe any natural substance as a substitute for professional medical assistance. The information here is provided for better understanding of holistic health.

 There are several reasons we believe the muscadine grapes are helping with auto-immune issues, ( here is a post of fibromyalgia)  and while we don't claim to understand all the why's and hows of it all, there are a few simple testimonies that one simply can't deny....

Please note: Be careful when purchasing over the counter supplements of ANY kind, and especially a natural antioxidant or plant. Many times they have sat on the shelf at the wrong temperatures for many months, or have fillers in them, which will greatly reduce the level of potency. 

Recent Testimony:

I am writing this testimony in the hopes of helping others with auto immune and other disorders....I started taking the muscadine grape seed extract about 5 weeks ago. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and take infusions on a regular basis. This time when I went to my rheumatologist my C Reative Protein (an inflammation marker) was undetectable. This means that the inflammation in my body has gotten so low the test isn't noticing it!  The other marker, the SED rate, had decreased by 10 points and is just 1 point above what is considered normal. During the time I have been taking the muscadine supplement, my offices had to move to a temporary space while our permanent space is being remodeled. I had 40+ file cabinets to pack and unpack. I had library books to pack and so much more. I was sure I would be stiff and achy...but I wasn't. ... Some days I was so tired that I took a muscadine energy shot, and it worked amazingly. I am sure I would have been in pain and had a hard time doing all the work I did were it not for the supplement.... Finally, due to the RA I have rashes on my body and scalp. I started using the muscadine shampoo on my scalp and body. Within 3 days my scalp had totally cleared up and the rashes on my body were gone. Neither has returned. I had 3 different prescription shampoos and 3 strengths of steroids to use on the rashes. I have had to use none of them in 5 weeks...

There are both supplements and protein shakes now that have the muscadines in them and something interesting is happening with the use of the MUSCADINE protein shakes, especially for anyone with muscle/joint aches and pain issues.

Some of the most common responses by folks using the Muscadine Protein Shake as a health benefit are:
  • More energy
  • Less joint and muscle pains
  • Sleeping better
  • More Stamina  

Here are some reasons WHY this may be happening....as many opinions on how to best treat autoimmune issues is to get away from gluten, preservatives, sugars and processed foods.

  1. The protein blend is an all vegetable blend – No Soy or Whey
  2. NO artificial sweeteners, dyes, or flavors
  3. Contains 18 amino acids
  4. Gluten FREE!
  5. NO GMOS
  6. Contains just enough of the Muscadine Grape Seed which is the one of the FEW powerfoods that can cross over the blood-brain barrier to feed the brain and fight inflammation and yet not overload the body with antioxidants
  7. Combination of phytonutrients in the muscadine grapes aids in joint and muscle health and helps support the digestive and immune system.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Grapes for Fibromyalgia - Is There any Help for Fibro ?

 Muscadine Grapes for Fibromyalgia  

Disclaimer: Consult your health care professional about any serious disease or injury. Do not attempt to self-diagnose or prescribe any natural substance as a substitute for professional medical assistance. The information here is provided for better understanding of holistic health.

grapes for fibromyalgia

 "I had battled Crohn's disease for 8 years as well as Fibromyalgia and high blood pressure....when I was introduced to the MGS supplement...", says M.B. 

She went on to say..."I had been to half a dozen specialists, taken more medications than I can count and participated in numerous drug studies looking for something to put me into remission or at the least stabilize my symptoms. I had undergone a small bowel resection as well as other surgeries for my Crohn's  and nothing helped. My fibromyalgia on top of it was so painful I could hardly walk at times. I felt as if I'd gone from 31 years old to 80.  I couldn't participate in family activities, functions  and could barely get through a simple work day.

Two days after I started the muscadine grape seed  (which I had started reluctantly since I'd already tried every natural and prescription remedy  with no luck) I woke up and felt incredibly good. At first I assumed it was some kind of fluke  and I actually had a good day after over a year of suffering with these painful symptoms. After a week of waking up completely rested, absolutely no  pain from the Fibromyalgia and no  more stomach pain from my Crohn's, I was convinced it had to be from these supplements.

 I  have never experienced anything like this from anything I've tried...no more swelling in my  feet, legs and hands. My moods in general were noticeably improved. What amazed me the  most was the fact that I was actually able to stop several of my medications, my anti-anxiety,  anti-depressant, diuretic, prescription sleep aid...I've been so alert, and well rested every morning and tired and ready for bed by 10pm (with no sleep aids, or caffeine!!). I am actually saving over $70 a month on prescriptions alone that I no longer need!"

And here is another story.... "I have been in so much pain and flu-like symptoms with Fibro, for over 20 years and tried so many things, so many pain meds and nothing helped. All they do is become addicting. Long story short after taking a mega dose of the muscadine grape seeds for about 8 weeks I am so thankful and so blessed that someone shared the muscadines with me. I now have almost no pain and can do anything I feel like! My husband is taking them as well and he is now off his blood pressure meds and even tho we are 'up there in age' we are feeling younger every day"

It is stories like these that prompted some of my research on fibro - plus the fact that I have ALSO gotten relief from muscles aches and pains, by adding the muscadines to my diet.

Fibromyalgia is becoming more and more common in the last twenty years, and that is very likely due to the same reason other diseases are on the rise, including things and names we have never HEARD of before and can't even pronounce half the time! That reason is believed to be the fact that we are exposed to more chemicals and toxins (or more commonly known as free radicals) than ever before in history.

In fact, there is no place to go anymore that you can get completely AWAY from all the harmful stuff that affects us.... which is why EVERYONE needs to be taking SOME form of anti-oxidants on a daily basis.... (anti-oxidants neutralize free radicals) Reference: http://health.howstuffworks.com/wellness/food-nutrition/facts/antioxidant2.htm

Having had symptoms of what I now think may have been the beginning stages of fibro myself a few years ago, it has caused me to start some research on it... and here is the first article on some of my findings thus far.


Fibromyalgia Has Actually Been Labeled as a Syndrome

Fibromyalgia has been classified as a SYNDROME, which means it is a mixture of signs and symptoms that suggest a particular abnormality, but without a known cause. Once researchers have found a cause, it is then identified as a DISEASE.

It doesn't mean that an illness is less severe or less REAL. It simply means it is less understood, and at the time of this writing, there is no known drug that will help fibro for any length of time..and so many drugs that ARE administered for fibromyalgia patients have other side effects and so the vicious cycle continues as we seek for relief.

Fibromyalgia is VERY real to anyone that is dealing with it!

But Why Do Mostly Women Get Fibromyalgia?

To me, it is a very interesting fact is that fibro mostly affects women.... and that women are more susceptible to overactive immune issues as well, which was interesting to note. According to research articles 90% of folks suffering from fibro are female.

So that led me to study hormones in men and women to see if that would leave any clues...and I did find a few things.

"Hormones, such as estrogen and testosterone, profoundly affect the central nervous system, which is responsible for perceiving and transmitting the sensation of pain," says pain-management specialist Mark Peckman, DO. 

Many cases of fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome are believed to be caused by viral infections which somehow leaves the immune system in an overactive state, similar to what everyone experiences when their body is fighting a virus. The difference with both of these diseases, however, is that the body never stops fighting, which would explain the constant flu like symptoms of feeling achy, fatigued and like a truck just ran over you.

"Once the immune system becomes highly activated, it can produce inflammatory chemicals that fuel many types of muscle and joint pain," Peckman says. Then, the inflammation can affect nerves where they're most vulnerable. Ref: http://chronicfatigue.about.com/od/latestresearch/a/women_pain.htm

Research suggests that testosterone, the male hormone, plays a role in preventing muscle fatigue. Women have less testosterone, which could explain why they tend to have more muscle fatigue....

So Why Does Change of Diet Work For Some People? 

For some ladies that suffer from fibromyalgia, changing their diet has helped. Eliminating sugars and starches from their diet, or gluten free diets have seemed to help lessen the discomforts and increase the energy levels.

I find that interesting as research has shown that eliminating most of those foods from our diet will help to reset the metabolism, and create a healthier foundation for our bodies, plus the fact that sugars and starches like wheat and corn can actually CAUSE inflammation.

This disease ( fibro) is often chronic and becomes very frustrating to affected individuals. Taking measures to supply the body with proper nutrition and enhancing the body's communication through both hormonal and neurotransmitter balance will result in optimal outcomes in the management of fibromyalgia.” -says Dr. Jennifer Landa Chief Medical Officer of BodyLogicMD ref:  http://www.foxnews.com/health/2012/06/11/what-need-to-know-about-fibromyalgia/

 Note: According to Dr. Charles Saunders... there is no fruit, berry or superfood on the market today that compares with the muscadine grape SEEDS when we need something for Detoxification, Inflammation and OXIDATION in our bodies, and that by taking it as a supplement it will improve the health of every cell in our bodies.

Here is what Majid Ali, MD says 
FIBRO CANNOT BE REVERSED WITH DRUGS ... If you are suffering from fibromyalgia , please know that it cannot be reversed with any drugs. You will learn that sooner or later. No drug at present is known to cure fibromyalgia. It seems highly unlikely that such a drug will be synthesized in the foreseeable future. “

He states that:
  1. Fibromyalgia is Real.
  2. Fibromyalgia is Reversible ( which I find intriguing as most Drs will tell you the opposite!)
  3. Fibromyalgia is caused by lack of oxygen on a cellular level
  4. Fibromyalgia cannot be Reversed with drugs.

Dr Ali also says that oxygen depravation causes muscle pain, joint stiffness, fatigue, exhaustion, lack of sex drive in men and menstrual cramping in women.... and then if the deprivation is in our immune cells, it will cause immune weaknesses which will manifest in sore throat, swollen neck glands and painful tissues. When there is oxygen depravation in the blood vessels etc, there will be dizziness, heart palpitations and skipped beats... which are a lot of the symptoms that fibro sufferers gave.

Which reminds me of what one MD said that now recommends the muscadine grape seed capsules to all his fibro patients. He said in all his years of trying to help hundreds of fibro patients, he has discovered that no matter what drug he prescribes for them, it will eventually not help with the symptoms anymore, and the ones that are taking the MGS have had more relief than any of the drugs he ever prescribed to any of them and now I am beginning to wonder if it's because of the oxygenation properties in the muscadines – but that is another study and article! :)

Which tends to strengthen the belief that if you can take an anti-oxidant on a daily basis, it will neutralize SO MANY free radicals that are otherwise causing havoc on our bodies. Read more about free radicals and the superman powers of anti-oxidants here

The muscadine grape seeds are just ONE form of anti-oxidants and because it is one of the few sources of anti-oxidants that can break into the blood brain barrier, it will supply oxygen to both the brain AND to every cell in the body, making this a very desirable form of affordable oanti-oxidants for daily use.    In fact, Independent laboratory tests show These Premium Muscadine Seed supplement has the highest antioxidant rating of any fruit tested.

I have found relief with using the MGS - I have been taking it for over a year now and as long as I take about 3 a day I don't feel any of the pain and I have energy. It's worth it to me as the grapes have so many other benefits as well! I think BarleyGreen and those kinds of supplements probably help too, but I just can't quite deal with the after taste of that stuff! :)

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The Toxins in Our Meds Can Kill Us

Drugs of all kinds are part of our toxic problem. The first thing we were taught in the pharmacology course in medical school was that all drugs are toxic. Whether prescribed by a physician, or by the drug pusher on the street corner, prescription medication is not health food. It is best to live in a manner to avoid the need for medicinal substances.
This is a startling truth shared by Dr Joel Fuhrman.
He goes on to say that a simple antibiotics is one of the worst, and listen to this!

More studies are documenting the relationship between antibiotic use and occurrence of cancer in later life. Most recently, a study illustrated a doubling of breast cancer in women who used antibiotics frequently in their life.

Very disturbing.  You can read Dr Fuhrman's  article here.

And Dr Mark Hyman goes even further to tell us that all those meds the Dr prescribes for issues like fibromyalgia, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, type-1 diabetes, hypothyroidism.... is actually CAUSING it to get worse, instead of better, AND that it is slowly killing us off.

I know. Not pretty.

But the medical route is NEVER pretty, and anyone that's ever climbed on board that hellish roller coaster will attest to that fact,

Here is a direct quote from Dr Hyman on how toxins affect autoimmune issues.

Toxins are a major cause of autoimmune disease. Yet conventional medicine doesn’t take that into account when treating autoimmune conditions.
Instead, it tries to shut down the immune response with powerful medications including nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like Advil and Aleve, steroids like prednisone, anti-cancer drugs like methotrexate, and new drugs like Enbrel and Remicade that block the effects of a powerful inflammatory molecule called TNF alpha.
But those new drugs shut down your immune system so powerfully that they increase your risk of cancer or life-threatening infections. And they have frequent and serious side effects and often give only partial relief. These drugs may be lifesaving for some in the short run — but in the long run they do NOTHING to deal with the causes. Full article found here.

And then they tell their patients that if they take too many antioxidants it will only make their condition worse. ACK!

Dr Hyman has some incredible information on how he has helped folks with serious issues get their life back. Here is one short excerpt.

One of his patients had crippling psoriasis and related arthritis. She was 42 and couldn’t walk up and down stairs, get into a bathtub without help, or properly care for her children. Yet just nine months after we started treatment — including eliminating gluten and other food allergens, getting rid of the heavy metals and balancing her immune system — she walked back in my office, not only 30 pounds lighter (remember, being inflamed makes you fat), but completely free of pain and psoriasis.

There are many similar stories of folks taking something as simple as the muscadine grape seed  along with a good Protein rich meal plan ( eliminating food allergens, gluten etc)and achieving amazing results without the need for toxic drugs and meds.

Simple non medicated methods do work!

Without all the side effects. Without the toxins of the drugs.

The reason is simple. We can target the CAUSE of our issues and pain, by adding the nutrients that our body needs in order to DO WHAT IT WAS DESIGNED to do. We really are fearfully and wonderfully made.

It is a beautiful thing - to see someone so riddled with pain, find hope and a reason to live again.

See more healthy info here!!

Blessing and Health,

"The Crazy Pearl Lady" =)

  Disclaimer: Consult your health care professional about any serious disease or injury. Do not attempt to self-diagnose or prescribe any natural substance as a substitute for professional medical assistance. The information here is provided for better understanding of holistic health.

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Muscadine Grapes, Allergies, Flus and Respiratory Issues

" Allergies in the spring time in NC used to send me to the emergency room - have barely had a sniffle for 3 years now and my blood pressure has gone back to normal levels."
" I take the muscadine every day this spring and I have NO allergy symptoms anymore!"  

" This is the first holiday season I have not been sick in YEARS" ( - Dec 2012)

It is stories like these that makes me don my research hat and start searching for clues...

Here are a few things I found...

Quercetin is one of the 100+ powerful antioxidants found in the muscadine grape seeds, and altho it is not as commonly talked about as resveratrol and some of the other antioxidants, it plays a powerful role in helping our bodies in more ways than I KNEW, until I started doing some research - what I found was absolutely amazing.

First of all, let's define what this intriguing word means.

Definition of Quercetin = a yellow crystalline pigment present in plants, used as a food supplement to reduce allergic responses or boost immunity

What Does Quercetin Do?

According to the Antioxidants.org website, Quercetin is a flavonoid ( a plant based component of powerful antioxidants) , helping the body in various ways, such as:

  • Helping to rid the body of damaging free radical molecules.
  • Inhibiting the formation of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol.
  • Inhibits various enzymes that cause inflammation in the body.

Quercetin for allergies?

According to the Better Nutrition Magazine:

Quercetin works as an antihistamine without the side effects usually associated with synthetic hay fever relievers. It also calms immune cells, preventing or reducing their release of histamines—the substances that cause allergy symptoms.
Numerous studies have investigated and validated these properties of the nutrient, which, in addition to relieving allergies, can also help treat asthma.
But beyond its antihistamine activity, quercetin also has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. “

Researchers in both Brazil and Korea protected animals from fatal allergic reactions to common food allergens by pre-treating them with quercetin in oral or inhaled forms!

Quercetin for Energy?

Some researchers tested the effect of Quercetin on some college students who weren't particulary active, as far as exercise. ( They were probably too busy studying!)

(When researchers do what they call a 'blind placebo test', they give ALL the participants pills to swallow and nobody knows if they are taking the actual stuff, or if they are simply taking a water pill... this way they can get more acurate results from the test.)

Anyways, they discovered that by adding this antioxidant to their daily diet for 7 days, compared to their colleagues who were on the placebo, it increased their endurance levels by about 13% and their oxygen utilization (VO2 max), a measure of cardiovascular fitness, by 3.9 percent...

muscadine grape seeds health benefits
So if you are going to college, a teacher or anyone that needs to use their brain a lot, it might not be a bad idea to add Quercetin to your daily regime. :)

Here is an interesting study done quercetin and rats....and published on PubMed which is a place that most of us can't understand, ( I think it is a conspiracy to keep us in the dark!) but if you kinda dig through all the medical gobbledygook, here is what it seems to be saying:

The rats that got the quercetin and were put on treadmills tested quite a bit higher for endurance and fatigue level... and they conclude the study with these words: These benefits of querectin on fitness without exercise training may have important implications for enhancement of athletic and military performance and may also extend to prevention and/or treatment of chronic diseases.

Quercetin for Cancer:

Here is what the Better Nutrition article also says about cancer benefits of Quercetin:

Research at the University of California, Los Angeles, published in Cancer, found that quercetin reduces risk of lung cancer among smokers and has general anticancer properties. And, in a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, researchers found that quercetin can significantly reduce risk for colon cancer.

And according to an article in the Life Extension magazine:  Researchers have demonstrated quercetin’s ability to prevent or slow tumor development in experiments involving cancers of the brain, liver, colon, and other tissues...

In conclusion if you follow some of the reference links in this article, you will find that taking a natural, healthy source of quercetin can do any or all of the following for you:

The Life Extension article brings everything to a very neat and tidy summary with these words:

We now understand that it can fundamentally affect disease processes as different as obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and asthma, through its powerful antioxidant effects that reduce inflammation throughout the body. Even more astonishingly, it is now clear that quercetin may have a direct and independent effect on prolonging life itself, through mechanisms that are becoming less mysterious as scientists focus their attention deep inside cellular processes.

So How does one GET Quercetin

You can actually get some form of quercetin from a variety of fruits and veggies. In fact, here is a quercetin food chart. I personally would not recommend taking an over the counter form of processed or capsulated forms of quercetin unless you know what's all in the capsules.

For instance, the NOW brand of quercetinhas rice flour listed as the main ingredient in it's 'quercetin capsules'! I guess I don't understand why they do that, but there are 100% natural forms of quercetin you can take where you know EXACTLY what is in each capsule and what is going into your body.

According to many scientists and Drs,  the muscadine grapes are among the highest known forms of naturally occuring quercetin... plus all the OTHER benefits of resveratrol, ellagic acids, just to name a few that are also in the muscadines.

Until next time ~ to your health and ours!
" The Crazy Pearl Lady :)"

  Disclaimer: Consult your health care professional about any serious disease or injury. Do not attempt to self-diagnose or prescribe any natural substance as a substitute for professional medical assistance. The information here is provided for better understanding of holistic health.

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Muscadines Celiac Disease, Glutathione and Antioxidants

Muscadines, Celiac Disease, Glutathione and Antioxidants

"If I take my muscadine pills I don't get sick from gluten..."  ( with another longer testimony shared at the bottom of this post...)

That is what has inspired the research for this article. 
muscadine grape seeds celiac

Most of my articles get sparked by a testimony or a question from someone using the muscadine grape seed extract... and this one is no different. After hearing a testimony from a client suffering from stomach pains and symptoms related to celiac or gluten issues, and hearing that if she takes the MGS extract she can eat more of those foods with less discomfort, it put me on a search to see why this could happen.

It has been an interesting research and once again, I have learned that our bodies were definitely amazingly and wonderfully made!

Celiac disease affects children and adults and is a serious disease with severe and potentially dangerous digestive reactions to gluten, which is the major protein in wheat and many other grains.

As I researched celiac disease articles I kept coming across this word that I had no idea what it was...


natural remedies for celiac Glutathione and Celiac Disease are two words that you will find in most articles, and from what I understand this is due to the inflammation and lack of antioxidant enzymes that those suffering from Celiac Disease have, and it dangerously lowers the levels of the body’s master antioxidant, called Glutathione.... so as the intestines become more and more inflamed and iritated with the affects of gluten, the glutathione keeps getting lower and lower until it becomes a life-threatening issue.

Here is how Dr Mark Hyman describes Glutathione :

GLUTATHIONE (pronounced “gloota-thigh-own”) is the most important molecule you need to stay healthy and prevent aging, cancer, heart disease, dementia and more, and necessary to treat everything from autism to Alzheimer’s disease. I called it the mother of all antioxidants.
The good news is that your body produces its own glutathione. The bad news is that toxins from poor diet, pollution, toxins, medications, stress, trauma, aging, infections and radiation all deplete your glutathione.*

The last part of Dr Hymans quote would give us reason to believe that the heavy load of chemicals and toxins associated with all our wheats and gluten foods COULD very well be the reason that we see such a huge increase in celiac disease and gluten intolerance from as little as 50 years ago.

It is no secret that we live in a very toxic and chemical world compared to half a decade ago and we can't help WHERE we live but we can help WHAT we do about it. :)  As we have mentioned before, unless we take SOME sort of antioxidants on a DAILY basis, most of us will have SOME sort of physical issues or disease. It is just something we have to deal with in this wonderful world of technology, fast foods, chemicals, toxins and stress!

I was suspicious that this glutathione is one of over 100 antioxidants found in the muscadines, turns out I was right! :-)

Research on antioxidant benefits provided by grapes or grape components includes the following findings. Grapes and grape components can:

buy muscadine grape seed extract
  • help prevent certain oxygen-related enzymes from becoming overactive. These enzymes include xanthine oxidase and catalase.
  • increase our blood levels of glutathione (a critical antioxidant nutrient) and also increase the ratio of reduced-to-oxidized glutathione (one important measure of antioxidant capacity).
  • help protect cell membranes from free radical damage.
  • lower levels of oxygen reactive molecules in our blood.
  • reduce oxidation of fat (lipid peroxidation).
  • lower biomarkers of oxidative stress. **

According to a study done in 2009 ...and then published on PubMed – (a place that us regular folks have a hard time comprehending) on children with celiac disease and whether or not antioxidants might help– here is their conclusion: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19560448

Oxidative stress is an important factor in the pathogenesis of celiac disease. The antioxidant capacity of celiac patients is significantly reduced, mostly by a depletion of glutathione. Natural antioxidants and appropriate dietary supplements could be important complements to the classic therapy of celiac disease.


According to Natural News:

A landmark study, conducted by researchers from the University of Belgrade, Serbia, and published in the journal Clinical Biochemistry in 2009, suggested that treatment with antioxidants may be able to significantly reduce the symptoms of celiac disease.....

and they conclude their study with this quote:

All people can improve their health by boosting their intake of antioxidant-rich foods. Studies have shown that berries and fruits are among the foods highest in antioxidants, particularly goji berries, acai berries, pomegranates, blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, raspberries, strawberries, cherries, and apples. And here is the sentence that makes my muscadine heart leap for joy! :-) …. In general, the more deep red or purple the color, the higher the antioxidant content.***
Brunswick Laboratories stated that when they compared the muscadine grapes on the ORAC scale alongside most of the fruits and berries mentioned above, the muscadines were off the charts.
(ORAC is a scale used to determine how much superpowers is in the fruit or berry

So in conclusion...

muscadine grape seed supplement to buy
My personal recommendations would be for anyone dealing with Celiac Disease to continue with whatever they are doing currently, as far as diet and medications... but to introduce SOME sort of antioxidant supplement and see what happens. Although we are very partial to the muscadine grape seed products, we still recognize that there are some other great supplements out there... ( just don't use the chemically processed stuff you can buy at Walmart - if it is FDA approved, I tend to run far away from it...)

There is always the chance it could change your life for the better, as it is doing for so many people that are becoming educated about the Superman powers of antioxidants... we hear crazy stories every week of people gradually getting off meds for everything from inflammation related issues such as fibro and arthritis to allergies and diabetes... not to mention what happens to cancer cells if you add enough of Mr Superman to your diet!

For some the road back to health is a gradual process and for others it is a life-changing, almost overnight happening, but regardless the process - feeling healthy, full of energy and pain free is PRICELESS!

Muscadine and Celiac story from a reader: My muscadine story is pretty new, but 6 months into it, I feel confident it's working very, very well. My son ( now 10) was born with bleeding ulcers and has since been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. He spent much of his life on ulcer medications, although changing his diet for Celiac did make a big difference. There would be episodes of him getting in contact with miniscule amounts of wheat, like one spoonful of food containing soy sauce (which has wheat) and it would land him in the hospital. His allergy to wheat was life threatening.
Last fall I did some research and found that Celiac is caused by the breakdown of an enzyme in the intestine, which then allows toxins to build up and actually flatten the cilia that pushes food along the digestive track, causing severe pain and blockages. Bingo, antioxidants! I talked to Viola and decided it was worth a try getting my son on the muscadine.
A month into it, we decided to "cheat" which was scary for both of us, but he ate a bite of regular bread and had no side affects. Later on we tried a whole piece of homemade bread and even a doughnut once. These were pretty extreme chances to take, considering the outcome earlier. The only side affects he had was about 3 days after each time he would be in some pain (manageable) and be constipated. I decided not to risk trying wheat in large amounts after that, because it wasn't the main goal. Our goal was his health. He has been on no ulcer meds or acid reducers since and I am much more relaxed about cross contamination. He also eats a lot of food that is not "certified gluten free" like oatmeal and etc.
My advice would be for someone who has a gluten sensitivity to try getting back to eating normally while taking the muscadine grape seed extract, introducing wheat slowly. But for someone with Celiac, remember you have an allergy to wheat that can quickly become life threatening and if you can use the muscadine  to calm down your symptoms and get some relief, please do! I saw photos of my son's lower intestines from a scope and I can tell you it's not what you want your stomach to look like long term. His was raw and bleeding. I am positive that is no longer the case and I will keep him on the muscadine for his overall future health, even if he can't eat everything. Keep in mind, eating your favorite things is not as important as keeping cancer out of that intestine. When your stomach is a raw wound, it is susceptible to just about anything. Thanks for listening!

Disclaimer: Consult your health care professional about any serious disease or injury. Do not attempt to self-diagnose or prescribe any natural substance as a substitute for professional medical assistance. The information here is provided for better understanding of holistic health.

** http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=foodspice&dbid=40 

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Muscadine Grapes , Ellagic Acid and Resveratrol

resveratrol for anti aging
"Muscadine grape seed extract took away all my inflammation and I can function again."

"I don't need my blood pressure meds anymore since taking the MGS"

"No more joint pain.... no more fatigue... my muscle pains are gone... my fibromyalgia pains are gone and I can function again... first summer with no allergies... first holiday season I didn't get the flu...
" I have SO MUCH ENERGY!!"
These are all common things we hear after people start taking the muscadine grape seed extract, which started my research to find out WHY.

Come to find out the muscadine seeds are LOADED with over a hundred little 'army men' that we NEED in our bodies to fight off all manner if things.

Problem is, most of us don't have a clue what some of these things even mean! 

Ellagic acid...resveratrol.... phytochemicals...phytonutrients.... inhibition.... viral..... bacterial.... these are all words that tend to swim together after awhile when you read many of the articles that have been written on these intrigueing and increasingly popular topics.

So I shall take my pen in hand and endeavor to write something that even my children can understand, and hopefully some of my readers will get excited about! :)

Resveratrol and ellagic acid are some of the more commonly heard forms of antioxidants found in plants, fruits and berries.

For instance.....

Ellagic acid is a "plant-chemical" or nutrient found in several berries and fruits, such as pomegranates, walnuts, strawberries, raspberries and recent studies have found that the muscadine grape, which is a grape/berry grown in the SE parts of the United States, has more than TRIPLE  the amount of ellagic acid than almost any other fruit or berry on the planet!

People that consume foods high in ellagic acid may be able to ward off many types of viral or bacterial illnesses and diseases as the ellagic acid is very high in anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

There is an independent Lab Company called Brunswick Labratories that tests foods and supplements to see how high the ORAC scale is in them. ( ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) which in simple terms stands for how high is the anti-oxidant level in this food or supplement....or in our story terms "how well can this food/supplement fight off the bad guys!" ...  When they tested the muscadine grapes, they said they have never tested anything that rated so high on the ORAC scale!

Phyto is simply another word for 'plant' so whenever you see the term 'phytochemical' or 'phytonutrient', it is talking about a plant based chemical or nutrient. I personally prefer to call it a nutrient as that is EXACTLY what it is. Chemical sounds too scary.

Inhibition is my new favorite word nowadays. When I read or hear of something that will INHIBIT the growth of... or INHIBIT the process of... it is usually a good thing, as it seems all the bad stuff in our bodies will automatically grow like crazy, unless we can find something to inhibit it, or STOP it. "Inhibited the growth of cancer cells" is my new favorite phrase!

I learn best with 'word pictures' so let me try to give you one here... :)

Let's start with Free radicals.... It is a very common term used these days as it's the word used to describe all the bad guys that are constantly trying to disrupt our lives. They come in the form of chemicals and toxins, and they sneak in, totally uninvited and often unawares in ways we would never imagine.

grapes for free radicals
Here are just a few ways we are letting these guys invade us on a daily basis:

  • Stress....studies show that stress drastically increases the chance of illness and disease in our bodies. Why? Because it opens the door for these nasty little guys to come in and wreck havoc.

  • Skin care... did you know that our skin is our biggest organ and that whatever we put ON our skin enters the bloodstream with in 26 seconds?   Yep, that includes all the anti-freeze and engine degreaser we slather on our skin every day.   Wait, you didn't know that propylene glycol is the main ingredient in anti-freeze and that sodium laurel solfate (SLS) is what they use as engine degreasers?    Yes, our lovely FDA has approved those exact ingredients to be used in the skin care industry and if you check your labels, you will see them on every bottle on the shelf.  ( even the Johnson&Johnson baby care products!)     And then we wonder why our skin gets saggy and wrinkly as we hit the 40's and 50's....!

muscadine grape seed free radicals
  • Our foods.... forget the processed foods, everyone KNOWS those aren't good for us, ( and they eat them anyways) but what about the fresh fruits and veggies? Yep, loaded with bad guys,  just waiting for a free ride into their next assignment. Your body. Their free ride into our system is through GMOs, bug spray chemicals, water treatments, etc. 

  • Environment... we are so priviledged to live on planet earth in a time when there has never been more technology and advancement. But it all comes with a huge unhealthy price tag. All of this amazing new technology is emitting radiation and chemicals on a level that I don't even understand. All we know is that they are there and we can't get away from them! 

These are all bad guys that pretty much have access to our bodies at all hours of the day.  Unless they are stopped, they rapidly steal and eat the good cells, multiply themselves many times over .....and start feeding inflammation, diseases, aging and cancer.

So what do free radicals, ellagic acid and these muscadine grapes have to do with all of this?

That's where the exciting part comes in! I am rubbing my hands with anticipation that maybe just a couple people will catch a glimpse of this amazing phenomenon that happens when we latch onto something life-changing and good!

ANTIOXIDANTS is your new friend and warrior, ESPECIALLY when it comes to fighting the 'bad free radical guys'! When we start taking ANY supplement high in anti-oxidants, it is almost like I can see the scenario going on inside... all the bad guys are skidding to a halt, as the big macho 'new guy' stands up, flexes his muscles and says, "Listen up! I am the new guy on the block now'..party over!" :)

The new guy immediately goes
to work restoring all the worn out and broken down cells in our bodies. And as long as he is there, the bad guys can't function.

They are inhibited!


Did you know that by the ripe young age of 40, our antioxidant levels are at about 50% and it decreases rapidly from there - by the age of 60-70, it is down to about 5%? For some, the loss of antioxidants starts way sooner.... which is why we are seeing cancer attack at a much lower age than ever before.

So back to ellagic acids and resveratrol and what all they do.

 Inhibition again.

Gah. I love that word!

These are all part of the 'superman' team that is now in control of our inward parts.

 Ellagic acid helps the body fight off viral, fungal and bacterial infections by INHIBITING the bad guys from doing their job as they enter the body... if we have enough ellagic acid in our bodies, our chances of getting sick from any of the above is much less.

Resveratrol - ahhh, another word I have come to dearly love. If I was still having babies, they might be called Rezzy and Ellagic. :)

Seriously, ladies, Resveratrol is our 'saving queen!' ... She is seriously on our side! She is all about rebuilding all the aging cells, tightening up the loose places, giving back the zip that has been stolen from us, cleaning up those blood vessels and varicose veins, and in simple words, she is all about helping us to age gracefully!  I love her to pieces!

( She was also my husband's saviour as she is the QUEEN of anti-inflammation - is it any wonder we love her so?! :-)

Studies have shown that one of the highest forms of natural occuring resveratrol is found in the skin of the muscadine grapes. That plus the fact that there over a hundred MORE of these supermen and heros included in this little grape/berry, just waiting to be released into their destiny,  that has been growing right under our noses ever since the beginning of time is enough to make anyone excited.

I personally think that when God made the muscadines, he did it with a twinkle in his eye, knowing that someday FAR down the road when the world he made would be in such a chemical and toxic mess, he would reach down, pick the right person... drop a vision into his heart and let him change the world with this simple little fruit. I am honored and humbled to be part of that plan.

Disclaimer: Consult your health care professional about any serious disease or injury. Do not attempt to self-diagnose or prescribe any natural substance as a substitute for professional medical assistance. The information here is provided for better understanding of holistic health.